Pizza loving criminal gets his just desserts

A pizza delivery man working for Domino’s delivered swift justice when he managed to apprehend a robber minutes after the crime was committed.  How it happened is quite remarkable – read on:

Under police questioning, Charles McManus, 30, admitted to robbing Muhammad Zar who delivers pizzas around Springburn, Glasgow. McManus and another man approached Mr Zar whilst he was in his car and brandishing knives they stole his pizzas, wallet, mobile phone and tip money. The other man then proceeded to take Mr Zar’s car keys and car, leaving him stranded.

Mr Zar was then told to walk down the street and take a right by McManus. Fearing he was being led into a trap, Mr Zar turned left and ran to the nearest house with a lit window.

Unfortunately for the crook, the house Mr Zar entered was McManus’!  After his mother let Mr Zar in to use the house he contacted the police. McManus then unwittingly entered his home only to find his recent victim standing in the doorway. Although he fled immediately, police were contacted and McManus was successfully apprehended.

Sheriff Andrew Normand deferred sentence until next month for background reports and McManus has since be released on bail.