Quick Price Estimator Live

Shiply are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new price estimator tool:

We know that sometimes you are in a rush and just want a vague idea of cost before going to the trouble of actually listing a shipment in the marketplace.

Our new price estimator tool solves this problem. You simply specify the category into which your item fits under along with the pickup and delivery post codes. Within seconds we will return a rough estimate which should help you.

The tool uses past quotes placed in the marketplace on shipments similar to yours. We use a large pool of over 40,000 shipment requests to allow for a pretty accurate idea of costs. In some instances we will even provide you with competitor delivery quotes (if available) so that you can see just how much you can save with Shiply.

Disclaimer: Please remember this tool is exactly that, just a tool. The prices you receive are estimates, not quotes which you can accept. If you like the look of an estimate you will need to list your shipment into the marketplace (free) to receive real quotes which you can then accept at your leisure.

Like all of our tools and new services, we consider this in BETA. So do let us know your feedback (either in the comments box below or by clicking on the feedback tab to the left or just email us!). We love to hear your feedback and let us know how you find using the new tool.