Radio 4 You & Yours – online entrepreneur tackles empty running lorries

If you had any free time on xmas eve and weren’t out chasing after those last few gifts that “slipped your mind”, perhaps you heard Shiply on BBC Radio 4.

We were featured on the popular You & Yours show, which is all to do with consumer affairs. The show aimed to take a look back at what has been a very difficult year in the haulage industry and discuss how things look for the future.

Kate Gibbs from the Road Haulage Association, kindly put forward her thoughts and was very complimentary of Shiply and our aims for the market.

I particularly like doing these kind of shows which allow the public a very quick overview of the industry and also the solutions which may be of benefit to them personally.

I think the fact that Shiply offers a solution which aids the haulage industry whilst simultaneously saving the consumer money is something which hopefully the listeners found of interest.

Read more about the show in our press section.