Royal Mail – snowed under?

The Royal Mail will continue its ongoing battle with adverse weather conditions this week. In the pivotal run up to Christmas day, the Royal Mail has promised to deliver to 2 million homes by carrying out additional evening rounds this week. Since last week Royal Mail has ramped up the number of rounds and they expect to spend at least 20 million in additional costs. It has hired 3,000 temporary staff, including 500 professional HGV drivers, and 250 extra large lorries.

Mark Higson, managing director of Royal Mail, stated, “we are planning up to a total of 14,000 – weather permitting – additional delivery rounds on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening.

“We have had postmen and women on the streets for the last two Sundays in a row. Royal Mail is committed to doing everything possible to deliver letters, cards and parcels on behalf of its customers.”

Rounds that were planned for the weekend were hit by heavy snowfall across the UK meaning thousands could be left disappointed come Christmas day. Earlier this month online sales skyrocketed due to the freezing weather. However, with the return of a cold snap those same deliveries are struggling to be made on time. Amazon’s UK website admitted “adverse weather is impacting our deliveries across the country”.