Royal Mail strike could turn your Christmas presents into New Year gifts

Or worse? We still don’t know as the result of the ballot on a national strike which Royal Mail’s Communication and Workers Union (CWU) proposing is due next week.

However, what we know, is if this strike goes ahead (either in the last ten days of October or early November), there will be severe delays in Royal Mail’s Christmas post. At the moment, many people and businesses are thinking about sending Christmas postings now to make sure they arrive on time.

Taking into account the information CWU claimed that up to 25 million items of post in London alone were getting delayed in posting, it has been advised that it might be worthwhile to consider alternatives when sending your Christmas gifts.

Royal Mail’s depots can’t even shut their doors as mails mountain up

According to the latest update from Royal Mail, members of CWU are taking industrial action at Glasgow G13-14 office today (5th October), affecting deliveries in those postcode areas. Peterborough and Bristol are following later this week while on Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th October), staff at most units in London will be taking industrial action, affecting the collection, processing and delivery services across most of the capital.
We bet you are thinking whether you should send your Christmas presents right now after reading this blog. Well, Royal Mail says that delays for mails are expected to be about 3 – 4 days compared to normal schedule but for larger items you probably expect more. So let’s say it depends on your luck as your Christmas gifts might arrive too soon (too merry for Halloween), at the right time (well done) or too late (not so bad, a New Year gift).

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  • I'm no postie but it seems you're saying they either forsake their legal rights to strike and let the service die slowly, or fight for better treatment and in so doing bring the whole thing down while facing the self-centred ire of a public that gives not a shit about anything to do with worker's rights so long as they get their parcels delivered on time.

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