Sainsbury’s drivers are the slowest on the road

Sainsburys have made the decision to limit the speed of its lorries to 50 mph. So from now on don’t be surprised if you see this on the road, after all, they are just following the company policy:

50mph and no more…

Whilst Sainsbury’s has yet to answer calls about its reasoning behind the speed limit introduction, its drivers had no such shyness in expressing their opinions.

Jon Garner says: ”I was being overtaken a hell of a lot, which you can understand, and on three occasions I had to drop down to around 45mph to enable people to enter the motorway network. Have they set the limiter too low at 50mph? I don’t think having to drop down to a speed of around 45mph to keep the road running smoothly is safe.”

Further more, a Sainsbury’s agency driver reckons other lorry drivers think they are ‘messing around’ and are cutting in as closely as possible.

In our opinion, whilst this speed limiter may be good for fuel saving and CO2 emissions reduction, Sainsbury’s may end up putting their drivers in constant frustrations on the road, which is a contributing factor to road accidents.

So will this policy do more good than harm? We are frankly not very sure.

3 comments on “Sainsbury’s drivers are the slowest on the road

  • Hi i have been hgv driver for 30 years and there are no less accidents now with lorrys, the vehicles of today have much better brakes and other safty equipment why limit them to a snails pace,it is frustrating on the motorway ,it causes many tail backs where lorrys try to pass each other ,most hgv drivers are very safe and know the limits of their lorrys ,it would be nice to have that little bit more speed to enable safe overtaking,are they going to limit cars and motorcycles to 65mph !!i dont thick so ,so why pick on truckers

  • i am happy with the 50 limit we get overtaken but is that a problem ? i am getting paid for the increased time it takes to get to store.i dont have to over take so just chill at 50 in the slow lane !! its fine with me we do not cause a problem as trucks can over take us alot faster

  • Anonymous says:

    It's not the speed thats the issue. Its the wisdomless drivers in the slower LGVs. If you find yoursel side by side with a slightly faster LGV than yours, then ease off the peddle slightly and let them overtake you safely. We owe it to ourselves to help each other on the motorways. You will be suprised at how much less congestion there will be if you just practise this proven, professional driving technique. You are a good driver really so think on next time youre in a side-by-side situation on the motorway. Learn it and pass it on to your driver collegues.


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