Santa Claus is coming to town

A local business man has become Santa Claus himself, transforming his quad bike into a motorised sleigh to bring festive cheer to families in South Wales. Paul Gwilym, who owns a Wedding shop in Cardiff, will deliver presents to excited children on Christmas morning. Parents can give Paul their children’s presents and he will deliver them for a small fee. His sleigh is a mini quad bike that has been transformed with more than 15 metres of tinsel, 100 LED lights, plywood and lashings of paint. Paul said that the venture is more about bringing festive cheer and an experience for the children than making money, “When a child goes all happy, it’s like a ray of sunshine. It lights up any room, and when you see that, it just makes it all worthwhile.” He has deliveries booked all across South Wales, but will not be making the whole journey in his sleigh. His sleigh will have to be transported by van along with the stash of presents, while two “elves” will travel with him to help deliver the goods. Up until Christmas Day, Mr Gwilym will be driving around in his sleigh and raising money for charity.