Scottish farmers turn to hauliers for help during lambing

As heavy rain and snow continued to hammer Scotland during the Easter break, some farmers have turned to local haulage companies to help get their sheep under cover and provide a dry place to shelter and lamb.

Livestock wagons and trailers are being used as temporary accommodation for sheep during this harsh weather condition and the National Farmer Union (NFU) is suggesting farmers to contact local hauliers for help with sheltering.

Scottish farmers are turning to local hauliers for help with sheltering their sheep

Sandy Tulloch, chairman of NFU’s Less Favoured Areas Committee said :”The haulage industry may have a role in helping producers out the hole they are in. It may be worth any sheep farmer, for the price of a phone call, contacting their local haulier to see if they have a trailer available that could help them get their stock out of the weather and, hopefully, get their ewes and lambs on their feet.”

We at Shiply are wondering whether any Scotland couriers on Shiply offered to help your local farmers shelter their sheep. If you did, please share your stories, we believe everyone is interested to know.