Wins At Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 09 has been awarded with the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge runner-up prize of €100,000!

Robert Matthams (left), our founder, presented a concise pitch to the judges and were amongst three winners of the competition, bringing a €100,000 prize back to England. Hjalmar van Raemdonck (right) of Ephicas picked up the other €100,000 prize with their truly amazing side-wing for HGV’s.

The overall winner with €500,000 was Dean Gregory (centre), another Brit, with his low-cost rooftop turbine which can capture wind power even in low-wind conditions.

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is created to encourage the development of new, innovative, creative and yet commercially viable products and/or services that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design.

Amongst hundreds of green business ideas being sent to the competition all over the world, six were chosen as the finalists. In the final round, the competition was so intense that Robert Matthams admitted: “We were up against a really strong competition and I was really surprised. As the Award Ceremony went on I was thinking less and less that we’re going to win. To get the runner up prize is just fantastic. We can do so much with this money and we are going to.”

Back at the Shiply offices, we were all following the competition attentively with a strong hope that we were going to win. And we did!

So let us share the good news with you, our valued members. We would like to take this chance to thank you all so much as without you, this would never have been possible.

Here’s the video of the awards ceremony: