Shiply Has Saved Over 200 Million KG/CO2

We are incredibly happy to announce that, with the help of our users, we have officially hit our landmark target of saving over 200 Million KG/CO2

Trying to reduce unnecessary CO2 waste into the atmosphere was one of the founding principles of our company in 2008 due to the sad fact that roughly 25% of lorries on Britain’s roads run empty, resulting in around 36 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. This always seemed like a huge wasted opportunity, both for the drivers travelling empty and for the users who needed items moved.

That’s why Shiply was started, to eliminate wasted journeys, wasted space, and unnecessary CO2 emissions in the transport and logistics industry… and we would say it is going quite well! As of writing this blog post, we have saved approximately 201,806,715 KG/CO2 – to help put that into perspective that is:

  • The equivalent of 506,838,942 miles driven by a standard vehicle – enough to travel around the world 20,354 times!
  • 25,000 Homes’ energy use for a year
  • Nearly 25 billion full smartphone charges

We couldn’t have done it without the help of our users and transport providers, all of whom make Shiply the cheap, reliable, and eco-friendly shipping marketplace that it is today.

Our efforts to make the transport industry don’t stop here, however, and we hope to hit our next milestone soon!

If you want to keep up to date with our progress you can check out our live counter here.