Shiply launches new search shipments section

As I’m sure most of you will have seen, we today have launched our new search shipments section over at:

New functionality includes:

  • More accurate search along route results
  • Search along a route anywhere in Europe (previously UK only)
  • Local search
  • Filter by requested pickup/delivery dates
  • Display up to 500 shipments per results page
  • Save local and along a route serches and receive email alerts of new shipments daily
  • Filter all search results by category, price and date
  • Sort by columns in local and along route searches

We hope this new functionality will be of great benefit to Shiply transport providers and make it even easier and quicker to source work.

Whilst we are very happy with the new search functionality, we will never consider this finished, so please do send us feedback and help us improve this further!

Happy Searching!