Shiply’s new look

We hope that you have all enjoyed seeing Shiply’s new look which was launched on Tuesday 30th. After months of careful work and planning we were delighted to show off the new design to all Shiply members.

Why the change?
Frankly, the old site was looking a bit tired and we also had a large number of behind the scenes changes which will help with overall performance and enable the marketplace to grow even more over the coming months and years.
We hope the new design shows a more professional, clean image and is easier on the eye! That is especially important for those of you who we know spend a large number of hours on the site everyday looking for backloads.
This was a big step, so what’s next?

Well, that would be telling. But, we are pleased to announce a large range of new tools, features and indeed country expansions coming in the very near future. These will all benefit both transport providers and users alike, so do keep your eyes peeled.
As always, we really do welcome your feedback not only on the new design but on our service generally – do get in touch and leave us feedback so we can continue to improve. We really do read every piece of feedback we receive and have actioned literally hundreds of suggestions to date, so, please keep them coming.
Have a very Happy Easter.