Tea delivery man saves pensioner’s life with marshmallows

Lee Craggs, 24, a delivery man working for Ringtons Tea of Sunderland, saved the life of a pensioner who collapsed in her house in Gateshead.

Mr. Craggs, a trained first aider, found Rosemary Falloon, 84, who has diabetes, on the floor of her home and called an ambulance.

He also fed her chocolate covered marshmallows from his basket which helped bring her sugar levels back to normal.

Chocolate covered marshmallows helped save Mrs Fallon

He said: “The paramedics were looking for some biscuits. We couldn’t see where she kept them so I went to the van and got a box of marshmallows, something sweet, thankfully, that brought her round.”

Mrs Fallon said his quick action saved her life: “I can’t thank Lee enough for what he did for me. I might not have been here today if it hadn’t been for him. He had the sense to the phone straight away, he had the sense to switch the iron off which was still hot and he had the sense to put me in the recovery position.”

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