The magic sat nav that shows truckers the safe way

A new sat nav system has been launched that helps truckers avoid narrow lanes, low bridges, mini roundabouts and rivers.

The ProNav PNN200E, unveiled this week at CeBIT, has been designed from the ground up “to appeal to the needs of the European trucker”.

The clever device allows the driver to enter their HGV’s stats such as height, weight, length, width and the type of goods being carried.

The software then works out the safest route to travel. Furthermore, the system even for-warns lorry drivers of steep hills, high cross winds, and the risk of grounding, displaying them as icons on the maps well in advance.

Clever stuff eh? Not bad for around £200. But where will ideas for the Sun to write about come from if there are no more incidents like this:

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  • God do I need one of those, my Garmin takes me through ploughed fields and off the edge of cliffs if I am not careful. Biggest bag of nails I ever had.

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