The Penny Farthing Postman

A poet from Bude, Cornwall, who was so startled by the price rise of first class stamps that he set up his own postal service has this week been granted official status with his on personal identifying code from Ofcom.

The Penny Farthing Postman on his rounds (Picture: Stuart Clarke)

Graham Eccles set up the Penny Farthing Postal Service on April Fools’ day, and although the idea of getting your post delivered by a poet on a Penny Farthing seems like a whimsical one, the 32 year old is now running a very practical service.

Customers can buy stamps for 25p each and post their letters in any of several mail boxes placed around Bude, with the promise of next day delivery.

Graham said he was motivated to set up his own postal service when he found out that local letters sent through Royal Mail were taken 50 miles to Exeter before being sorted and sent back to Bude.

Using his own kitchen as a sorting office and cycling the 20 mile round, Graham says he is able to provide a service that is not only cheaper for local residents, but also greener than the alternative.

The service has been very popular, with Graham delivering around 100 letters a day, six days a week. His stamps are also becoming something of a collectors’ item, with people from all over the world buying them on eBay.

It just goes to show that you don’t always have to rely on new technology to provide an innovative green service!