The Sunday Times – New firms can find an upside to downturn

Shiply were featured in the Sunday Times this weekend just gone in an interesting article within the business section.

The journalist, Andrew Stone, wanted to highlight some new businesses like ourselves that have started up in 2008 with the recession looming. For many, setting up a business now does seem like the worst timing and I would have to agree in many cases. However, it can also be a great time to start up if your idea ticks the right boxes. For me, the most important being that your solution offers value for money or better still saves people money.

I can’t say I agree with the other featured company, Two Chicks (who sell cartoned egg whites), with their statement: “Although ours is a premium product, food is one of the last things people cut back on in a downturn.” I know for a fact that I eat less caviar these days :). However, they certainly seem to have a good product which is already proven overseas so I wish the very best of luck.

It is good to see that despite the downturn, there are still plenty of good opportunities out there.