The Sun’s “Keep It Down” Petition

The campaign to freeze fuel duty hopes to put pressure on chancellor George Osborne after The Sun discovered that Britons were paying £12 million more to fill up than a year ago. Fuel price increases have hit both the public and the haulage industry alike.

The paper is calling on Chancellor George Osborne to freeze fuel rates come April 1 or honour his pre-election pledge for a fuel stabiliser .

The petition reads, “we call on the Government to honour its pre-election pledge to give motorists a break by either freezing fuel duty or bringing in a fuel stabiliser”

The petition already has the backing of celebrities from Jay Kay of Jamiroquai to Jeremy Clarkson. Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson said: “In a country like ours you need to have a road system that works – and it can’t work if fuel is over £6 a gallon.”

Fuel duty has risen over six times since 2008 and with oil prices climbing towards $100 a barrel this could easily increase.

You can sign the The Sun’s petition here: