There’s Something Fishy Going on Here

You may well feel like a sardine at times when you’re stuck in back-to-back traffic jams, but you wouldn’t normally expect the delays to be caused by the fish.

A worker clears up the 24 tons of spilled sardines (Picture: Mail Online)

That’s exactly what startled drivers in Poland encountered last week after 24 tons of sardines were spilled onto the highway near Kolobrzeg, causing hours of delays.

The spill was caused by a careless truck driver who forgot to close the back door of his vehicle (some might say he had the memory of a goldfish).

As a result, a huge trail of fish was left for several hundred metres along both sides of the road, stopping traffic in both directions.

One bamboozled motorist was quoted as saying he initially thought it was some form of divine judgement, with fish being scattered instead of a plague of locusts.

The truck driver paid dearly for his mistake, incurring not only a £50 fine, but also £5,000 in cleaning costs for getting the road cleared.