One comment on “This is why mum always told you to look both ways!

  • One morning this week I was walking along the street and approaching a pedestrian crossing where I was about to cross the road.(one way road) As I started to cross the road and when I was in the middle of the road I seen something from the corner of my eye coming in the opposite direction, IT WAS A BLOODY CAR!!! Suddenly i advanced and ran to avoid this car and got out of the way safely! LUCKILY FOR ME!! At the same time the driver applied the brakes and he acknowledged me by waving his hand – I acknowledged him with a finger gesture, a very polite one! The driver of the vehicle was very lucky there wasn't know police about. AND HE WAS VERY LUCKY HE DIDN'T RUN ME OVER!! And i was very lucky to say the least!

    To all you drivers, don't risk short cuts!

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