Top driving tips in harsh winter conditions

As the weather throughout the UK is becoming more and more extreme, we believe the following tips will be helpful for couriers and haulage firms using Shiply.

Drivers have to be very careful whilst driving in harsh winter conditions

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition before getting on the road

  • Clean all snow and ice from your vehicle
  • Do a visual check of tyres, wiper blades, fluids and lights
  • Keep at least half tank of fuel at all times

Drive, brake and accelerate slower

As the roads become very slippery with snow and ice, driving slowly will mean a safer trip. The same rule applies to braking and accelerating.

Give yourself extra space in front and behind

You may need those extra few seconds when needing to brake.

Be extra careful while driving in mountains

In winter, high altitude weather can change very suddenly, so be extra cautious in such terrain. Watch for melting or hard-packed snow and strong side winds as these can cause a loss of control.

Keep your lights on

So other vehicles can see you.

Prepare an emergency kit

Make sure you are prepared in case you get stuck in the snow. The kit might include:

  • Proper clothing, and lots of it for layers
  • A flashlight and batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Tool kit
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • A fully charged mobile phone and charger
  • Other items that you may consider necessary