Toy truck from UPS

UPS is going from iconic brown to green with its new truck model made of a lightweight composite plastic. Dubbed the CV-23, the new truck’s mileage is an improvement of 40% over older models, due to it being 1,000 pounds lighter.

Unlike alternative fuels, which require a shake up of the core infrastructure, the CV-23 does not require a radical change whilst still delivering obvious improvements. Unlike its older counterparts this greener truck a much more efficient manufacturing process and does not require polluting paints.

UPS clearly envisions alternative modes of transportation as a long term plan when it comes to the companies future business model. Dale Spencer, director of automotive engineering at UPS, stated that research into composite materials and new technologies was spurred by rising fuel costs.

“We’ve all been on this roller coaster ride on the price of fuel. Every time we get excited to do a project like this, the price of fuel drops down to $2 and you lose your zip,” he said.

“But we’ve seen the writing on the wall and we need to delve into alternative designs that are readily available.”