Trucker rescues unconscious driver from burning car

A trucker was hailed a hero after jumping to a burning car to save a driver’s life yesterday.

Jim Corrigan was doing his normal daily run when he saw the car accident near Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. The brave lorry driver then grabbed a heavy hammer from his cab to smash the windscreen of the crashed car. He then pulled the unconscious driver out of the car safely just before the engine exploded like what you might see in Holywood action movies.

One driver sho witnessed the amazing rescue said: “This lorry driver appeared from nowhere. He smashed the glass and was in the car in no time. You could see the flames. It was an incredibly dangerous thing to do. But it was also a very brave thing.”

Former miner Jim, of Moodiesburn near Glasgow said: “There were others who had stopped and were trying to help. I just happened to have something to hand which could shatter the glass.”

What a brave man he is! Unfortunately we haven’t got Jim’s picture to show you yet, we will upload it straight away once we get it.