UK Summer staycation ideas if you’re on a budget

If going abroad is too costly to do this year, don’t worry. Staycations are getting more and more popular, and gives you the opportunity to see your home in all it’s glory during the summer. You won’t need to recover from your holiday, and you can do all the things near home that you never get round to doing. Whether you’ve got one day off or one month, there are lots of things you can do on a budget in the UK for you or the whole family.


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Visit friends and family

We all have people we say we’ll visit or we’ll invite round one day. Staying in the UK for your holidays means you can keep your promises and know that you can spend quality time with loved ones without needing to rush back for work.


Take advantage of local events

There’ll be so many events going on near you that you’d not known about. Look at local websites and see what’s going on near you. By not going abroad, you should have more spare cash to splash out a little more on things nearer home to make it that bit more special.


Do some work on the house

Do you always say you’re going to fix that hob or paint the living room? If you’ve got Make sure you plan things in advance though to avoid leaving it half-done when you go back to work!


Have people round

Why not host a summer BBQ and invite loved ones or neighbours over? If you’re on a budget, try inviting guests to bring one dish for everyone to share. You’ll have great fun swapping recipes and will get to try a good variety of dishes.


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