UK’s youngest truck driver

Katie Gillard, of Leigh-on-Mendip, Somerset, is the UK’s youngest truck driver. Aged at just 19 years old, Katie ploughed through her Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) exams in order to join her dad’s haulage firm.

Whilst girls her age might be working on the shop floor, Katie has taken to the motorway, undaunted by the prospect of commanding a 32 tonne lorry.

Katie said, “It’s quite unusual for a woman to drive a truck but the size doesn’t bother me.” She admitted, “The first time I sat behind the wheel was terrifying but I quickly picked it up.”

The HGV exams have recently lowered the age limit from 21 to 18 as of last year, which Katie quickly capitalised on. Passing first time, she plans to complete her first long distance deliveries later this month.

Her dad, Andrew, commented: “I’m so proud. It just seemed natural for her to join the family firm.”

Shiply wishes Katie and her family the best of luck.

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