Unemployed lorry driver is UK biggest lottery winner

Les Scadding, mechanic and haulage driver of Newport, lost his job last Christmas and has been helping out as his wife Samantha’s driver for her business.

However, the life of this 58 years old man has changed forever when he and his wife won £45million – Britain’s biggest lottery jackpot.

Les and Samantha’s happy smiles when receiving the lottery prize

Les said: “When I went to the cashpoint before going to Tesco to buy two lucky dip EuroMillions ticket I was £68 overdrawn. I went back to the store to check the ticket while buying some groceries on Saturday because we had no food in the house – we were starving. Now I’ve got £45million in the bank.”

Mr. Scadding, who is now amongst the UK richest people, is going to replace his old Citroen C5 with a Range Rover Sport.

He said: “This Christmas is going to be fantastic. I’ve never owned a new vehicle in my life and the Range Rover is my dream car. I want it to be black with ivory interior.”

We bet after this Les is not going to drive his lorry any more. Are you looking for a second hand lorry? Contact him, you might get a very good deal!

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