Virgin trains staff help deliver urgent Wimbledon tickets

Three Liverpool lads’ Wimbledon weekends were almost ruined, but for the help of Virgin trains staff.

Arriving in London on Friday, Aaron, Daniel and Chris were enjoying a beer in Clapham when Daniel’s face turned green after realising their Centre Court tickets were still on his mantle piece in Birkenhead!

Three Wimbledon tickets were quoted £800 for delivery!

They tried to call a Liverpool courier company for a quote, only to be given a sky high price of £800 for an overnight special delivery service (what a joke!).

Luckily, Daniel’s mom, trusting in her human kindness, quickly hailed a taxi to Liverpool Lime Street and persuaded the Virgin Trains driver to deliver the tickets to London Euston.

The tickets were duly collected after 9.50am on Saturday when the train arrived and the lads had an unforgettable Wimbledon experience.

Well done to Richard Branson and his helpful staff!

Although not a regular service by any means, we really like the use of trains like this for urgent deliveries, instead of putting a new vehicle on the road and the wasteful emissions this causes.

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