Where is my nearest post box? Free Tool

You have the post in your hand but you have no clue where the nearest post box is. Those red pillars can often seem like they’re deliberately hiding from view or placed off the beaten track!

You would think that the first place to find your nearest post box would be the Royal Mail web site. Although through Royal Mail you can find your nearest post office even create your own personalised stamps, Shiply has discovered this simple tool was missing. Come on, this is 2010!

Through the Freedom of Information Act, some clever people* have indexed all the locations of post boxes across the UK. Using this we have built a neat post box finder tool to help you find the closest post boxes to your location – free.

So whether its a letter to your friend, a card to your nan or a small parcel, simply use the post box finder at http://www.shiply.com/postbox-finder.php. If you need to move something big that just won’t fit – use www.shiply.com to get delivery quotes from over 17,500 customer-rated transport companies.

*API data courtesy Matthew Somerville.