Where to find the cheapest petrol and diesel…

Many of us will simply stick with the petrol station that’s closest to us or the one we’ve got into the habit of going to. However, prices between stations do fluctuate and you can make significant savings over time by using the petrol station offering the cheapest fuel locally.

Easier said that done, you may say. By the time I’ve driven around looking for the cheapest petrol price I will have undone any savings I could have made and also hindered the environment!

That’s where petrolprices.com comes in, they independently check petrol station’s prices across the country so you don’t have to. The site is free to use and they’ll even drop you email alerts as and when your cheapest local petrol station changes, so you’re never left out of the loop.

To make things even easier for our transport providers, we have also added a live feed of petrol prices in you local area to your “My Shiply” section. We hope this helps with keeping costs to a minimum in these especially trying economic times.