Who let the dogs out?

Across the pond in America we have a story that is stranger than most. In Massachusetts, policemen rushed to the scene when James. J. Johnson, 50 yrs old, crashed into the side of a house.

In a brazen attempt to cover up his crime, Johnson claimed that dogs had caused the crash. The dogs were supposedly let loose within his truck, causing him to lose control of the wheel. In what we can only imagine was a very short space of time, police officers concluded that there had in fact never been any dogs to begin with. Police then made the fairly straight forward diagnosis that Johnson was intoxicated.

Clearly Mr Johnson could not have thought of a more ironically incriminating t-shirt than one that reads, “I have a drinking problem”!

He was later charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, marked lanes violation, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and destruction of property.