Will your Christmas shopping arrive safely?

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of consumers shopping for their Christmas gifts online. Whilst it is convenient and cheap, there is the important question: will your Christmas shopping arrive safely?

As Christmas is the busiest time of the year of courier companies, you can expect Royal Mail, DHL, TNT and other courier firms to be full of Christmas items.

Kate Clipstone, a council payroll assistant from Rhayader, Mid Wales, bought a £50 hamper from Marks and Spencer’s online store for her mother. When receiving the package, she found that it was left under her garden hedge and completely ruined. After several phone calls to Home Delivery Network, the courier company which delivered her package, Kate got nowhere and received no compensation.

Kate shared what she had to do: “I couldn’t afford to waste £50 so I dried out the hamper and scrubbed off the mud, then unpacked the contents and repacked everything, replacing the damaged items. I was very unhappy giving it to my mum.”

Recent research showed that 7 per cent of people ordering online are unhappy with the delivery service. And at this time of the year, the problem seems to deepen with millions of items ordered online on a daily basis.

Probably this is the time when people need to really consider switching to local couriers for their online shopping. Remember with Shiply, all transport providers are feedback rated regardless of the time of the year!