Electric helicopters – the future of luxury personal transportation?

Green, quiet, compact, futuristic and the ultimate James Bond moment! Hirobo have showcased their one-man electric helicopter at an expo in Nagoya, Japan.


With the prototype able to travel up to 100km/h for 30 minutes, it bets the daily commute. The one-seater is currently under development for personal transportation and emergency relief. For those that can afford it and like a little adventure before work, this could be the perfect way to get around and there is no need for a helipad.

The helicopter is equipped with an electric engine that doesn’t produce any noise or pollution an upgrade from GEN H-4 the previous development, which can on noisy gasoline but was much cheaper. The new model is expected to sell for £232 000 and £77 300 for the one manned model. A two seater is also in the plan.