Boy racer’s car lifted onto tree

Beware the wrath of Polish neighbours! Zbigniew Filo, a 24-year-old young man from Lubczyna, a small village in Poland, came home to find his Ford Escort lodged in a willow tree. His neighbours decided to use a crane to lift Zbigniew’s car onto the willow tree after a spate of dangerous driving on his part.

Neighbours evidently grew tired with his erratic and dangerous driving and decided to take matters into their own hands. One local added: ‘Whoever, or whatever it was, it’s probably a good thing as he was a dangerous driver and could have killed someone.”

One member from the local police reported, “We received a call from a man saying his car was stuck in a tree and that his neighbours had put it there.” Fortunately, the car was removed from the tree with help of the police.

It seems Zbigniew has learnt a lesson, admitting that his driving was out of control, “I get the message, but I think it was a bit harsh,” he said.


Dubai has the world’s fastest and costliest police fleet

Not only did the police in Dubai recently purchase a brand new Lamborghini Aventador for their patrol cars they have also added a Ferrari to their fleet!

The £350,000 Lamborghini, painted in the Dubai force’s green and white colours, can speed up to 217mph and is believed to be the most expensive police car worldwide.

The £200,000 Ferrari is currently on its way to Dubai and together with the Lamborghini the flagship fleet should show “how classy Dubai is,” according to Deputy police director, Gen Khamis Matter al-Muzaina.

The cars will mainly be used in tourist areas and rather unlikely be involved in car chases or similar.

What supercar will be next to join their fleet?

Grandfather Makes Batmobile For His Grandson

He has a gadget for every occasion, a vast mansion….and a garage in Wales? That’s right, when Batman isn’t prowling the streets of Gotham he chooses to park the Batmobile in a more low key spot.

Alan Dennett of Rhyl, North Wales, a retired mechanic, has completely transformed an old Daihatsu into a fantastic replica of the 1960’s model Batmobile. The reason behind this effort is his grandson, Alfie Wilde. Alfie, 11 years old, has been a passionate fan of the Adam West’s Batman. He was not able to believe his eyes when his present was unveiled for first time. Alfie’s grandfather said “It was worth all the effort just to see the look on his face”.

Although Alfie is not yet old enough to enjoy actually driving the Batmobile he spends hours playing as his favourite superhero, reproducing famous old scenes, singing songs and fighting crime. The caped crusader would be proud!

Take a look at the photos of Alan and Alfie below.

The world’s most overloaded transport

How do you transport items if you don’t have a van or lorry to help you out? These guys threw out the rule book, relying on hard work and a little luck to load as much as they could on their vehicles.

Have a look at the best overloaded transports from around the world!

Farmers in China transport harvested barley on this three wheeler.

Empty containers are pulled on a cart to a market in Bangladesh.

Maybe one more bale on this truck heading to the capital Nouakchott of Mauritania?

Too much to handle for this tricycle on the main street in central Beijing.

We’re not sure how these plastic balls are even attached to this bicycle in India.

A motorist carries a sofa on his motorbike in the middle of this highway in Kenya.

World’s first ever car backflip

Guerlain Chicherit is a well-known French rally driver who has become the first person to complete a successful backflip with a car. This daredevil challenge was carried out by in Tignes, France, thanks to a Mini Countryman.

According to a Mini’s spokesman, the car was modified for the occasion but there was not any extra assistance to complete this crazy stunt. Guerlain hit the 25ft ramp at exactly 37mph, flying 75ft into the air and completing a full 360 degree flip.

Afterwards Guerlain said, “In the jump, I knew the balance of the car was good and it took me maybe 20 seconds to realise I had landed on my wheels.”

Watch Guerlain Chicherit and his mini in action below. Enjoy!

Hotel on the move

Ever wanted to fall asleep and wake up somewhere else? This new Pop-Up Shipping Container Hotel in Belgium is always on the move.

The hotel “Sleeping Around” does exactly what it promises: it moves from location to location and gives its guests new surroundings and views every time. At the moment the hotel, consisting of five shipping containers, is present at Antwerp but you’ll only be able to find the exact spot with a GPS device when booking a room.

The owners chose shipping containers for their “pop-up” hotel because of their sturdy exterior, closable doors and easy transportation capabilities on trucks at any time.

Four containers serve as bedroom with a bathroom, breakfast can be taken in the fifth container and soon a 6th container will be the sauna.

Broken GPS led driver 900 miles across Europe

A Belgian driver who wanted to pick up a friend from the train station 38 miles away from her home in Solre-sur-Sambre, ended up 900 miles away in Zagreb, Croatia due to a problem with her sat-nav.

Sabine Moreau made an astonishing 900 mile journey across Europe without realising she was following the wrong directions

Although Sabine Moreau, 67, stopped several times to refuel her car during the journey that crossed 5 borders with multiple-language traffic signs, she did not stop until 2 days later when intuition told her she may no longer be in Belgium!

“I saw all kinds of traffic signs. First in French, then in German – Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt. But I didn’t ask myself any questions. I was just distracted, so I kept my foot down,” Sabine told a Belgian news website.

Ms Moreau finally made it home 60 hours after starting her journey, just before the police in Belgium launched a manhunt for her after being alerted by her son.

A police spokesman said: “This is an incredible story. These GPS systems cause problems from time to time but nothing like this. But this woman has done nothing wrong and we just have to believe her”.

The £2.7m a year money making junction

The junction of Bagley’s Lane and New King’s Road in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has been dubbed the “Moneybox” by motorists after it generated £2.7m in fines for the local council in 2012.

The “Moneybox” on Google Streetview

In total the local council issued 40,634 penalty notices in 2012-2012 or an average of 111 a day. Each fine costs motorists £65 and will rise to £130 if not paid within two weeks.

Frustrated drivers have accused Hammersmith and Fulham Council of deliberately designing the junction as a trap to catch them out and make money. Motorists ague that the two sets of traffic lights at the Moneybox junction are designed to allow more drivers to enter the controlled area than leave it.

An illustration from Daily Mail explains how drivers get into the trap:

South West Londoner Sunsanne More, who has been fined twice at the Moneybox, said: “There’s something fundamentally wrong with the number of fines issued to drivers going into this junction. It seems the council has decided this is a really good money-making scheme. The yellow box is far too long. It doesn’t give you enough time to get out and signalling is awful.”

The location of the yellow box on Google Maps

Have you been caught in a similar “Moneybox”? If yes, let us know in the comments below.

UK’s busiest commuting routes revealed

Any commuter who travels to work during rush hours would probably consider their route as the most overcrowded. However, a recent study from the Government has revealed the busiest route in the UK is the 7.44am Henley-on-Thames to Paddington station in London.

The 7.44am Henley-on-Thames to Paddington station is UK’s busiest commuting route

The train which has a load factor of 180%, takes commuters from Oxfordshire into the capital. Following the publish of the figures, the First Great Western train company has increased the number of standard class seats to 340.

Of the top 10 busiest commuting routes, the least busy has an over capacity figure of 52%.

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “Climbing on a crowded train where there is little space can often be an unpleasant experience and I sympathise with passengers who have to travel on these services.

“The operators on the list are aware of the crowding problems on these particular services. I will be monitoring these services closely, and others which have not made the top 10 list, and urging train companies to reduce crowding on the busiest services.”

These are the top 10 UK busiest routes which you probably want to avoid:

1. FGW 7.44am Henley-on-Thames to London Paddington 180%

2. SWT 7.32am Woking to London Waterloo 164%

3. LM 6.13pm London Euston to Birmingham New Street 162%

4. LM 4.48pm Euston to Birmingham New Street 160%

5. FGW 6:30am Banbury to Paddington 158%

6. LM 7.55am Stourbridge Junction to Stratford-upon-Avon 157%

7. FTP 6.23am Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough 155%

8. NE 6.17pm London Liverpool Street to Shenfield 154%

9. LM 7:14pm Alton to Waterloo 152%

10. LM 5.46pm Euston to Birmingham New Street 152%


Inside Royal Mail half million parcels a day sorting centre

In order to cope with a spike in demand in the weeks running up to Christmas, Royal Mail has opened a massive sorting centre in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The giant sorting centre, empty in the morning (Image source: Daily Mail)

The temporary giant facility, opened in November, handles around 200,000 parcels a day and in the busiest day over 500,000 parcels are expected to be sorted. In total around four millions parcels will be sorted here and sent all around the world during the Christmas peak.

International parcels separated into different bags for each country (Image source: Daily Mail)

Royal Mail said the centre was set up to meet demands from online shopping giants Amazon and eBay.

An increase in online shopping activities means more items to be delivered (Image source: Daily Mail)

Mark Higson, Royal Mail’s managing director of operations and modernisation, said: “Christmas is the busiest time of year for Royal Mail and our customers. Royal Mail has invested in eight dedicated parcel sort centres to increase our scale and improve our flexibility during this important time of year for our customers.”