Flood safety tips

In the last few days downpours have caused serious flooding across the UK, especially in South West and Wales. The Met Office warned there would be more heavy rains coming up so make sure you are prepared for the weather and stay safe.

If you are or going to be affected by floods, the following tips might be helpful to you:

Preparing for a flood

  • Build barriers such as levies, flood walls around your house to stop flood water from entering.
  • If you have basements, seal walls and holes with waterproofing material to avoid seepage.
  • Get a battery powered portable radio to listen to the latest flood updates just in case you have to turn off electricity during the flood.
  • Prepare an evacuation bag with most important items just in case you need to evacuate from your home.
  • Move important and valuable belongings to the higher floors in your house.
  • Keep updated with latest weather forecast news.

During a flood

  • Turn off all utilities in the house at the main switches if you are instructed to do so. Disconnect all electrical appliances.
  • Do not walk through flood water as six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over.
  • If you have to walk through flood water  bring a stick to find hidden dangers and walk slowly with cautions.
  • Do not drive into flooded areas. Two feet of water can float your car easily. If flood water rises around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground if possible.
  • Do not touch any electrical equipment unless you are dry and not standing in water.
  • Watch out for hazards such as fallen trees or power lines.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching flood water as it might contain contamination.

After a flood

  • Listen to the news or ask your local government to make sure the water supply is safe to drink and use.
  • Drive carefully through areas where flood water has receded as the roads might have been weakened during the flood.
  • If you have evacuated from your home, only return home if your local authority says that it is safe to do so.
  • Stay away from buildings and construction sites which are still surrounded by flood water.
  • Clean thoroughly anything which got wet during the flood as they could contain contamination.