The Dutch Take on Taxis

If you are visiting Amsterdam soon, expect to see the latest green transport solution offered to commuters – the Hopper taxi service. Hopper operates hundreds of electric scooters, offering a taxi service at a fixed price of €2.50 within the city centre.

Hopper scooters in action (source:

Hopper electric scooter has a maximum speed of 25 kph (around 15mph) and can drive up to 130km per full charge.  Given a single tram ticket costs €2.70, this new service is expected to be welcome by Amsterdamers who are known for their early adoption of green ideas.

Ruben Beugels, Hopper’s founder who started the idea of Hopper after being stranded when a tram broke 6 years ago, calls the scooters a “new form of public transport,” says they will help bridge the gap between using public transport and getting to your final destination, or that last kilometre – right to the doorstep.