Celebrate Giving Tuesday This Year

The weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is without a doubt the commercial event of the year, with deals and offers available from almost every store you can think of. However, there is a lesser-known event that takes place after the retail weekend, and as an environmentally conscious company, it’s one we like to focus on more!

Giving Tuesday Logo

Giving Tuesday was founded in the US in 2012, and was officially adopted in the UK in 2014. It takes place each year after Cyber Monday and encourages people to counteract some of the negative effects of Black Friday by giving back in some way, whether that is through donations to charity, giving time to local community services or food banks, or however else you feel that you can help. The celebratory day has grown in popularity as more celebrities and organisations have promoted it, and last year the results were astounding; a staggering £20.2 million in donations were raised, which was not only a 43% increase on the year before but now holds the record for the most money raised online for a charity in 24 hours!

As we have written about before, Black Friday, whilst great for finding some great savings on products, also encourages people to buy things they don’t necessarily need, and unfortunately, this has some adverse effects on creating unnecessary waste and people throwing out ‘old’ gadgets just for the latest model. According to this Forbes article, the delivery of Black Friday purchases alone generated over 492,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions last year in the UK – the equivalent of 435 return flights from London to New York. As a company dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the transport and logistics industry, we are all for Giving Tuesday’s rise in popularity and would encourage all of our users to engage with it in some way, whether you shop on Black Friday or not!

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Being Environmentally Aware on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday Electronic Cell PhoneWaste
Electronic Waste
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Black Friday is the shopper’s favourite day of the year, but the consequences on the environment are significant. How can you join in on the fun whilst still thinking green?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, consumers across the country are readying themselves for some of the best deals and discounts of the year. It’s no secret however that world’s favourite shopping weekend takes its toll on the environment; with over 174  million making purchases in America alone that’s a lot of orders to be delivered or plastic bags to be taken home!

If you want to shop over Black Friday but are concerned about the effects on the planet, here are a few things you can do:

Consider whether you actually need what you are buying

Before you go and splash out on that new wireless set of headphones or those trainers you’ve been eyeing up for the past month, take a moment and consider whether you actually NEED them. The fashion and tech industries are two of the biggest contributors to environmental damage due to the rapid developments they experience, and whilst it is certainly tempting to want the latest of everything the consequences for our planet are bad. If you do need a phone upgrade or some new clothes, just make sure to recycle or dispose of the old items responsibly!

Shop online and opt for slower delivery times

Research suggests that shopping in-store is actually worse for the environment on Black Friday weekend due to the number of individuals heading out in cars to get to the shops. It’s actually much better for the environment to shop online over the famous weekend, however, this comes with a caveat – choosing a fast delivery time will negate any positive effect that shopping online has had. By choosing faster delivery times we encourage companies to send out as many vehicles as possible to ensure deliveries are made on time, whereas slower delivery times allow for more organisation and efficiency.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a trend that emerged in 2012 as a result of the environmental damage that Black Friday and Cyber Monday cause. It encourages people to give back to the environment on the following Tuesday, whether that consists of going out and picking up some rubbish (and recycling it), volunteering or donating some money to charity. If you are feeling guilty about your Black Friday spending habits this is the perfect opportunity to give back.

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