Shiply’s 5 Tips for Shipping Large or Oversized Items

Shipping big or oversized items can seem like a daunting task, especially when the post office is simply not an option, but fear not! With the right knowledge and preparation, you can breeze through the process without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re moving furniture, sending out a hefty vehicle, or shipping bulky equipment, these five tips will help you navigate the journey smoothly and ensure your items arrive in tip-top condition.

Secure Packaging:

When it comes to shipping big or oversized items, proper packaging is absolutely crucial to ensure the safety of your item. Start by dismantling any parts that can be easily taken apart and pack them separately. Use sturdy cardboard boxes or crates to shield delicate components and be sure to provide ample cushioning. Bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts work well to keep things snug and prevent any unwanted bumps during transit. Make sure to seal up the packaging with strong tape and clearly label each box with its contents and any special handling instructions. 

A top tip when using Shiply is that you can use our messaging system to ask transport providers who have quoted you if they are able to supply these materials, saving you the hassle of buying them yourself.

Choose the Right Transport Provider:

Picking the right carrier is key to a successful shipment. Take into account the size and weight of your item, as well as the destination and the level of service you require. Some carriers specialize in handling big or oversized items and have all the necessary gear and know-how to get things moving smoothly. Do a spot of research, compare their services and prices, and have a gander at customer reviews to make an informed decision. Using a shipping marketplace like Shiply can make the process even easier, as it offers multiple carrier options and competitive quotes all in one place.

Get Your Equipment Ready:

Shipping big or oversized items often calls for some special equipment and a helping hand or two. Before you ship, make sure your chosen transport provider knows exactly what is being shipped and what equipment is required to move it, as well as how many people will be needed. A trusty dolly, lifting straps, or maybe even a forklift will come in handy to load and unload your item safely, and almost all transport providers will be able to provide these when picking up your item.

Consider Part-Load or Groupage Shipping:

When dealing with particularly hefty items, it’s worth considering the option of part-load or groupage shipping. With this approach, your item shares space on a truck with other shipments heading in the same direction. This nifty trick means you only pay for the portion of the truck that your item occupies, saving you a pretty penny compared to booking a full truck. Lorry drivers experienced in transporting big or oversized items will have the right equipment to load and unload your precious cargo safely. Shiply offers part-load shipping options, where you can find carriers who specialize in handling the big stuff and get yourself some competitive rates.

Safety First, Always:

While we’re at it, let’s not forget about safety, shall we? When shipping your valuable and bulky items, it’s essential to ensure they’re well protected. Taking precautions goes a long way – take a few snaps of your item before shipping as visual documentation, just in case there are any claims to be made down the line.

Shipping big or oversized items needn’t be a frightful affair. By following these five tips, you’ll be well-equipped to send your prized possessions on their way without a hitch. Remember, to streamline your process for shipping bulky and oversized items, try using Shiply!

Throw A Coronation Party To Remember With Shiply

The Coronation of King Charles will take place on Saturday, and, like many others in the country this week, you might be hoping the sun stays out so you can have family and friends over in the garden! However, with purse strings tight in the country, your Royal party will likely need a less-than-majestic budget. Not to worry though as Shiply is here to help! With our site, you can get your best online finds delivered for up to 75% less than standard rates.

Here are a few ideas from us on how to get your garden in shape for the Royal coronation:


Key to any Coronation garden party will be the barbecue. The sun has only just come out, so for many you may just be discovering that your barbecue has turned into a rustbucket over the winter. No problem! There are plenty of great deals around online for second-hand barbecues, and you won’t have to worry about going out to pick it up when you find a great quote on Shiply to deliver it.


Table and Chairs

Whilst you might have a few chairs and a table, hosting a large group of people in the garden may require quite a few more! With summer coming, it’s a great time to grab some more outdoor furniture (and right before the prices go up for summer), so shop around and see what you can find.

Entertainment And Decorations

It is a Royal celebration after all! Whether it’s bunting or a bowls set your party is going to need to feel the part. The main show is on TV, but you can always have a look around for some easy outdoor activities to keep your guests entertained. Why not have a browse on second-hand marketplaces to see what you can find to give your celebration that extra sparkle.


Ok, no one wants to admit that this is a reality but let’s be honest, it’s England so of course it is. Why not prepare for the worst by getting a gazebo or large table umbrella in – just in case! Keep your friends, family, and food safe in the face of the inevitable… You can find great deals on eBay and Gumtree and with Shiply you can get them delivered for less!

For great quotes on getting your party preparations delivered, try Shiply!

The Benefits of a Spring Declutter

It’s that time of year again – the sun is coming out, the clocks will soon change, and all across the country, people are cleaning their houses! There’s never been a better time to have a bit of a refresh than right before Summer, so why not identify items you no longer use, free up space, and possibly even make a little bit of money whilst doing it?

If you need some motivation to get started, here are some of the best benefits of a Spring declutter (as well as just keeping you busy):

Image result for declutter spring home

Image source:

Just To Freshen Up

We are at home a lot, and with the rise of working from home since the pandemic, it’s only natural that your mind wanders and you begin to think about improving your surroundings. Doing so can be a great way to destress yourself and alleviate some of the anxiety of being in your home constantly, as well as cleaning your place up!

From simply freeing up space in your home to completely changing the layout of a room, you would be amazed at what a little decluttering and rearranging can do for your mood.

Make Money Out Of Unwanted Items

Spring cleaning could also make you some extra cash. If you’ve got a lot of unused things hiding in your cupboards, it could be worth putting some time aside to sort through what could be thrown away, sold or donated. 

You could use Marie Kondo’s famous method of assessing whether something should be kept or not based on whether it sparks joy, meaning you can single out those sentimental items that you want to keep hold of, even if they no longer serve a purpose.

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and you’d be surprised at what people will buy second hand, so if you find anything that could be used by someone else, try listing it for sale online and see if you could make some money, particularly with things like clothing or electronics. If you’re not sure if something is likely to sell, search for the item in eBay’s ‘completed listings’ and see what prices the same or similar items have recently sold for.

Remember that with Shiply you can deliver items for up to 75% less than typical rates, meaning that high delivery fees won’t put people off of bidding for your items!

If you’d rather not sell, consider donating instead . There are many places that accept donations, whether it’s a charity shop, a toy library, or somewhere that accepts donations for specific projects like recycling wedding dresses/suits or sending old running shoes/sports gear to those unable to afford them.

Make Space For New Purchases/Activities

If you have been thinking about getting a piano, or perhaps making a play area for your kids, getting rid of those old unwanted items is a great way to free up space. It’s amazing what a bit of decluttering and repositioning of furniture can do, and doing some manoeuvring could give you the space you need to improve your home and introduce new hobbies.

As a bonus, any cash you make from selling the items could be put towards filling the new space!

Preparing For A House Move

If you’re looking to move home later this year, decluttering in advance could save you a lot of hassle nearer the time, and could reduce the amount of items to pack before moving day. If you’re likely to be moving in the warmer months, you might find it beneficial to pack up your winter items well in advance, like warm coats, woolly hats and gloves, or specialist winter sports gear like skiing or snowboarding equipment. Packing away anything that you are unlikely to need before the move will reduce the number of chores to do nearer the time when stress levels are already high in the weeks before your moving day. Remember, house removals on Shiply are typically cheaper than usual too…

Good luck with your decluttering!

Saving Money In 2023

piggy bank

The New Year is upon us and, unfortunately, the cost of living crisis looks like it’s going to continue well into 2023. We wanted to start the New Year off with some tips for all of our users on how they can try and save some money during these difficult times. Here are our top pieces of advice:

Check Your Subscriptions

Something that is a very hot topic for personal finances now is apps that will identify all of your subscriptions and allow you to cancel them. When times were easier, having Dinsey+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and an assortment of other subscriptions seemed ok, but now that money is tight, you should take note of what you are actually using and be prepared to cut the cord on those subscriptions you barely use. You don’t need an app to do this, just take a look through your bank statements for recurring payments.

Switch Supermarkets

We tend to be loyal to supermarkets, and this is often due to either locality or reward schemes. We absolutely recommend using a rewards card wherever you do your food shopping, but you should shop around to see how much cheaper your average shop could be from another supermarket. The difference between M&S and Waitrose pricing compared to Aldi or Lidl could save you a significant amount over time, so it is worth seeing if you have a cheaper option close to you.

woman shopping in supermarket

Batch Cooking

Following on from where you shop, is how you cook! Batch cooking can save you a lot of money (and reduce food waste) if you live alone or with a partner. By doubling the amounts of the recipe of, say, a bolognese, you can have food for 4 meals instead of two, and by freezing it, you don’t have to always eat the same food two days in a row!

Energy Efficiency

We’ve written about this before here, but as the price of energy is one of the biggest drivers of this cost of living crisis, it is important that you stay on top of your usage. Some quick tips to list are:

  • Turn off unused appliances (including standby)
  • Cut down on water waste (shorter showers, no baths)
  • Draught proofing (cheap kits to tackle doors and windows)

Sell Unwanted Items – Use Shiply

Rather than saving money, how about making some? Extra income at the moment is very useful, and we all have stuff lying around that we don’t need anymore. A wise man once said that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so rather than throwing these items out, why not try and sell them online? There are plenty of sites to sell on, with even more niches for furniture, clothing, electronics, and antiques. Even small amounts of money for these items will leave you better off than throwing them out, and it only takes a little effort to post them. Plus, if the item is too big to ship, you can always use Shiply to get great rates for your buyer to have the item delivered!

We hope these tips help you this year!

Shiply’s Spookiest Halloween Deliveries

Halloween is over, which means it’s another year-long wait for lovers of the spooky season! The fun doesn’t have to end here, however – we facilitate thousands of deliveries per year, for all sorts of occasions, and Halloween often provides some of our most unusual, ghoulish, and downright creepy delivery requests. For your entertainment, we have gathered our favourites below.

First up is a lifesize coffin going from Bedford to Southend. Now, it’s worth noting that the word ‘Halloween’ doesn’t actually appear in this listing title, which begs the question… this is for Halloween, right? 

Life size halloween coffin

You’d have to assume so! If my family is reading, please DO NOT bury me in a novelty coffin. Thanks.

Next, we have my creepiest choice, a set of eight absolutely terrifying animated figures. The description doesn’t mention what exactly the animations are, but to be honest, I am fine not knowing, just look at them. Pure nightmare fuel.

I don’t know about you, but dolls are without a doubt one of the most terrifying scary tropes, and this lot does not fail to disappoint. Imagine the scene from The Shining, but with triplets instead of twins…Happy Halloween! Hope your kids can sleep for the next month!

The Americans do it bigger, or so we are told. Well, if Halloween decorations are anything to go by then I’d argue that the above 12-foot-tall skeleton with LCD eyes proves it… travelling from Salem (shouldn’t it be going there at this time of year?), our bony friend needed quite a large vehicle, hardly a surprise!

Finally, we have the ‘life-sized electric chair’ going from Huddersfield to Wisbech, and I thought we had gotten rid of capital punishment years ago!

Again, no mention of Halloween on this one, just the date of delivery that leaves me to pray this was for someone’s decorations…

Whether you need Halloween decorations, Christmas trees, or Easter eggs delivered, Shiply is here for all your seasonal needs (and for anything else you need to move in between).

Cost Of Living Crisis: How To Save Money On Your Bills This Winter

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a significant increase in the cost of petrol, food and energy prices all throughout Europe over the last few months. The UK is no different, with the country experiencing its most significant cost of living crisis since the 1950s.

With Winter on the horizon, many of us are looking for ways to cut our energy consumption down in any way possible in an attempt to reduce the size of our bills. Here at Shiply, we thought we would put together a list of some of the best methods to reduce your energy bills and help you save money this Winter. We have tried to only include tips which don’t require a big investment as this slightly defeats the point of saving money!

Here are Shiply’s best energy-saving tips:

Turn Off Unused Appliances Including Standby

Let’s start with one of the most obvious tips – turn off unused electronics! More specifically, make sure they are actually turned off at the plug when not in use. TVs, TV boxes, speakers and computers all default to a standby mode when you turn them ‘off’, however, this mode is effectively a super low power mode, and these devices will still use small amounts of electricity when in this state. Turning them off at the plug, or even just unplugging them, avoids this issue. Additionally, phone and laptop chargers left plugged in when not in use can also sap small amounts of electricity and so you should do your best to unplug these when not using them too.

The savings from each of these will be small, but collectively, they can make a dent in your upcoming energy bill.

Conservative Use

Moving on from the ‘turn things off’ advice is the ‘turn things down’ advice. Simple! Whether it is your overall thermostat, shower temperature, or washing machine settings, using a lower temperature can accumulate to a decent saving over a year. Turn your washing machine to the 30 degrees setting and use a drying rack instead of a tumble dryer for extra savings! With thermostats, even a 1-degree reduction can result in big savings and so it is worth reconsidering the temperature you heat your house to when you do turn it on. Draught-proofing (more on this later) can offset heat loss and you may not even notice the change.

Only running things when they are full is another great way to reduce your energy consumption. For example, always ensure your washing machine and dishwasher are actually full before you turn them on. This reduces unnecessary cycles and ensures you are using them to their maximum efficiency. In contrast, only filling your kettle with the amount of water you actually need heated can shave off a few pounds in the long run as well.

Cut Down On Water Waste

Water waste is a big contributor to bills, especially water that has been heated up, as you will be using energy to do this. As such, cutting down on the rate at which you waste hot water can have a significant impact on your energy bills. Shorter showers at lower temperatures will help push you in this direction, however, there are a few more steps you can take to reduce water waste. One big one is not taking baths – they use up significantly more water than showers and keeping them few and far between will help keep your usage down. Another handy one is when washing the dishes, use a bowl of hot water rather than a constantly running tap.

Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

As the days get darker, light is not something we want to sacrifice in our homes. However, there are still ways to keep your bills down without living in darkness. Energy-saving lightbulbs are an absolute no-brainer – they use less energy than conventional lightbulbs, as well as lasting for much longer. We do still absolutely recommend turning lights off in rooms not in use, however.

Smart Meters

Now, this is a big one at the moment. The first benefit of smart meters right now is that they will help to give more accurate readings to your energy supplier of how much energy you are actually using. This can lead to bills that are much lower and closer to your actual usage as opposed to estimates which can often be sky high.

The benefits of a smart meter stretch much further than just readings – they are actually able to control almost all aspects of your central heating, from overall temperature (obviously) to individual room control and even automatic on and off times. The best thing about smart meters is that this is all accessible and controllable from your mobile phone, meaning not only can you pre-heat your house before you arrive, but you can also remotely turn the heating off to save money. The more control you have over your central heating, the more control you have over your energy bill.

Draught Proofing

There is no point in heating your house if the heat simply escapes, and this is where draft-proofing can come in handy to help save you money on your energy bills. If the heat stays in the house, you will be able to not only use lower temperatures on your thermostat but also use it for less time overall.

There are kits you can buy to help draft your house, which includes window and skirting board strips. Sealing cracks in floors can also help, as well as lining your letterbox and ensuring that any unused chimneys in your property are blocked (inflatable pillows are available for this last one). All of these, if left as they are, will leak heat out of your home and so we highly recommend draught-proofing to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency and value out of your heating.

Question Your Bills

The final piece of advice we have isn’t so much proactive as reactive, but it is still incredibly important that people know about it.


As we stated earlier, a lot of energy bills are estimates, and these tend to be much higher than the actual figures you owe. Rather than just paying the bill, send a meter reading to your energy supplier and request another quote. This will almost always be lower than their initial estimates and can save you hundreds with just a simple check.

If you are really struggling with your bills, you can also reach out to your supplier and ask for a payment plan which can stretch the costs over a longer period of time, meaning big bills don’t hurt quite as much.

We hope these tips will help you throughout this cost of living crisis, and as always, if you need anything moved, try Shiply!

The Best Ways To Save Fuel

The cost of living crisis is well and truly upon us with prices shooting up in almost every aspect of life. Fuel is one of the commodities that was hit hardest – prices have shot from 145 pence per litre of petrol at the start of the year to 191 pence in the space of just 6 months. Times are harder for everyone, so with this in mind, we thought our readers could use some tips on how to save fuel this summer.

Be A Fuel Conscious Driver

It may not seem like it, but even the way you drive can alter the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes. The quickest way to waste fuel is to drive excessively fast, and so the first thing you should do is focus on having a light acceleration (accelerating is fine, it just doesn’t need to be pedal to the metal every time!). You should also always try and drive in the highest possible gear (whilst obviously keeping under the speed limit). 

In general, slowing down and accelerating use more fuel, and so the less you can do this the better. It’s a bit of an art, but once you learn to read the roads and are able to anticipate, for example, an oncoming red light and slowly slow down rather than a hard break you will save fuel.

Watch Your Car Weight

Whilst the impact your vehicle’s weight will have on its fuel consumption rate is small, every little helps. Logically, a heavier vehicle will require more fuel to move, so ensure you are not travelling with unnecessary heavy items in the vehicle or boot. This also goes for roof racks and roof boxes, which have the added issue of increasing drag and therefore causing a lot more fuel to be consumed for the same vehicle over the same distance.

Air Conditioning

This one is nice and easy, if not a little uncomfortable at times! Air conditioning uses engine power, meaning it also increases the rate at which your vehicle consumes fuel. Always ensure you are dressed for the temperature in your car so as to avoid the extra costs.

We hope these tips help you save some fuel (and money), and remember, if you need anything delivered, try Shiply! 

What Is Cabotage And Why Does It Matter?

This month, we thought we would use our blog post to give a summary on the UK Government’s changes to the Cabotage rules, the effects they had on the courier industry, and why many in the industry were unhappy with the situation.

Cabotage is the practice of foreign trucks/drivers carrying out domestic deliveries whilst in the UK. More specifically, it refers to loads these drivers pick up AND deliver in the UK.

Since Brexit, cabotage has been restricted, with foreign companies only allowed to pick up and drop off two loads in a 7 day period in the UK. These deliveries have typically accounted for only 1-2% of HGVs on our roads according to a study by Transport Intelligence. The reason for the restrictions has generally been to protect our industry given that many foreign delivery companies are able to offer reduced rates compared to UK companies.

Over the last two years, however, there has been an unprecedented shortage of delivery drivers in the UK. The main reason for this is the increasingly bad pay and working conditions that drivers face, feeling that they do not get what they deserve for the crucial job they do. This has led to a much lower number of people applying for jobs, and ultimately the supply chains for many industries started to feel these effects.

As a response to the supply chain shortages, in October last year, the UK government announced an easing of cabotage rules that allowed foreign drivers to make unlimited deliveries over a two week period. The aim was to provide a short term solution to the shortage of drivers, with the rules being reinstated in full once the UK haulage industry could handle domestic demands on its own. The cabotage easing was extended and has only just ended on the 30th of April.

Many in the industry were unhappy with this extension and saw this as a short-sighted solution that undermined the UK haulage industry in the long run. They claimed that as they face rising wages and costs as well as an ongoing shortage of drivers, extending these rules just took more business away from them and into the hands of foreign drivers right when they needed it most. Although many are happy the relaxation has ended, the government has not done away with it completely, and the measure could be reintroduced if need be to boost the road transport capacity in the UK.

For now, the industry is being allowed to build itself back up without help from foreign drivers, but we will have to wait and see whether the government feels the need to reintroduce measures if shortages become an issue again.

Shiply’s Top Tips For Moving Home

Moving home is often quoted as one of the most stressful life events you can go through. Even finding somewhere to move in the first place is difficult these days, and moving your belongings, updating all of your information and getting to grips with a whole new area is a big undertaking. We can’t help with everything, but we have facilitated a few house moves in our time, so here are our top tips for making your house move as stress-free as possible:

cardboard boxes for house move

Find A Great Delivery Company

The first and most important step to organising the logistics of a house move (besides actually finding a house to move into) is finding the right moving company for you. Moving companies come in many shapes and sizes, from what is essentially just a man and a van to ‘white-glove’ full-service packing and unpacking where you will barely have to lift a finger. Which service you go for will depend on your requirements, so before contacting any companies you should have a good idea of the timings of your move, the size of vehicle you will likely need and how many pairs of hands you will need to help you. Of course, Shiply can help you with finding a removals company for up to 75% less than standard rates!

Organise Your Packing

If you are doing the packing by yourself then the best method is to pack room by room, ensuring that each box is labelled for the room it will go into in your new home. This makes unpacking a lot easier on the other side as you can move boxes straight into the rooms they will stay in, minimising the amount of heavy lifting you need to do.

boxes being loaded into vehicle for house move

In terms of packing materials, you can buy cardboard boxes and bubble wrap/newspaper at most post offices or DIY shops, but if you want to try and get some for free (and reduce waste) then try asking local shops if they have any spare – they are often thrown out at the end of the day. You should ensure that each box is packed carefully and sensibly – think of it as a game of Tetris, the more you can fit in, the fewer boxes there are to move in total, and tightly packed boxes also mean that there is less space for items to move around and break.

With regards to fragile items such as crockery, we always recommend wrapping them individually in something like newspaper before putting them in a box as this greatly reduces the chances of breaks or scratches. 

For furniture, if it can be disassembled then doing so is a good choice – not only does this reduce the size of the piece of furniture but it also reduces the risk of damage.

We also always recommend photographing the condition of valuable items prior to the move as this should help should any issues arise with damaged items.

Overnight Bag

One crucial piece of advice is to pack an overnight bag. Unpacking almost always takes longer than accounted for, and you can often find that it will take a few days to fully unpack everything in your new home. Further, the moving day itself can be highly stressful and you may want to just sit back and relax in your new home on the night. You should always pack an overnight bag when moving – something that contains everything you need for day-to-day living. Think phone chargers, underwear, and toiletries. You want access to these whatever state your house move is in.

Let People Know

You need to make sure that you let everyone who needs to know that you have moved. This will range from family members and friends to your work, bank, and utility companies. We recommend making a list of everyone who needs to know and setting aside an afternoon to just go through and get it done all in one go.

Check For Damage

You should always make sure to check for damage once your house moving company has dropped your items off. The sooner issues are raised the better, and you can use the photos you took before packing to help your case, although we hope it does not come to this!

We hope these tips can help to make your move a little easier, and remember, you can find movers who fit your exact needs for up to 75% less than standard rates on Shiply.

Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we tend to make New Year’s Resolutions, usually revolving around improving our diet, our fitness, our work, or our life goals. The new year provides a great clean slate to try and build some of these healthy habits and improve our own lives, but this year we encourage everyone to also make some more altruistic choices with their resolutions. Here are Shiply’s top 3 Eco-Friendly new year’s resolutions for you to try in 2022:

Try Cycling To Work – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been working from home more, but as we return to the office, try giving cycling to work a try. If you’ve set any fitness goals for 2022 this can be a great way of tackling these at the same time as trying to be more eco-friendly (and fitting exercise into your schedule, not on top of it). There are many cycle-to-work schemes available that can allow you to get a bike for less or pay in installments and cities are slowly becoming more and more bike-friendly, so if you can, try cycling to your place of work a few times a week.

Try Subscription Services For Household Goods – the rise of the ‘repeat order’ feature for online deliveries has made our lives easier when forgetting to get new toilet roll, kitchen foil, washing up liquid, or whatever it is you’ve got on order, but these services aren’t always the best for the environment, with neither the products themselves nor the delivery taking eco-friendliness into account. Luckily, there are services out there that do just this, and although they can be more expensive, there is no doubt they are far friendlier to our planet. We recommend taking a look at loo roll and cleaning equipment subscriptions.

Get A Recycling Bin In Your Bathroom – Ok, this sounds like a weird one, but whereas (hopefully) we all make the effort to recycle in our kitchens, studies have shown that around 50% of bathroom waste is not recycled. If this sounds like you, this year try getting a small bin that is just for recyclable materials and emptying it when you empty the bins. It’s a little bit more effort, but would make a big difference if more people tried!

We wish you a happy new year, and remember, if you need anything delivered, try Shiply!